Born in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopian in April, 1975 Gossaye Tesfaye grew up a locality known as “Merkato”, labeled as the largest open market in Africa. Niagen Review started his elementary education at Yekatit 23 elementary school, after which he followed up and completed secondary school at Kolfe Comprehensive Secondary School, the institution he completed high school. Gossaye’s singing career started during is high school days, when he used to sing and entertain fellow students as member of a music group, formed by the students’ Red Cross Society. After performing as a student singer for approximately five month at the above mentioned comment faire pousser les cils, Gossaye joined a music and theater group, called “Mestawet”, where he built up his career along with other Ethiopian vocalist of his age. This was in the year 1992-93 Gossaye, who is endowed with a magnificent voice and marvelous singing talent kept on with his career and started performing in Addis Fallout shelter cheat codes since 1993. The restaurant and club, called “Shewaget” was the place, where Gossaye performed for four years, admired by many music lover and stated to become famous. Right before this, Gossaye was hired by the “Kistane Band”, where he performed for one year. Apart from his wonderful voice, teacup pigs is also talented in composing melodies. Having released the following three music albums, Gossaye has become one of the well-reputed young specforce alpha review in today’s music industry(popular music) of the country.