The History Of Armani

Giorgio Armani was born on July 11, 1934 in Piacenza (Italy). He is an Italian fashion designer known for his menswear and celebrity dresses (click here). He formed his own company in 1974 and 37 years later Forbes magazine considered the Italian designer biggest commercial success, estimating his fortune at $ 7,000,000,000.

Giorgio Armani is a shrewd businessman. In addition to fashion, he has spread his success to perfume and accessories. His celebrity dresses are comfortable, usually with straight and rather sober lines, although not made in select materials.

In the 70s he decided to open his own shop in Milan, after having worked for Hugo Boss. Armani is a guarantee of restrained elegance. His fashion does not experience rapid changes, and many consider it to be the classically beautiful and simplistic design that will always be in fashion. He has dressed Hollywood stars, both in movies and in their public appearances. His designs for the film American Gigolo, with a young Richard Gere, helped his entry into the US market. He is a recurring designer among the stars attending the Oscars. The singer Beyoncé features in advertising images of his Diamonds fragrance. Giorgio Armani is also a big fan of football and sport in general, being an avid follower of Inter Milan.

His company has established itself as being a powerhouse in the fashion industry and his name is synonymous with luxury. Armani is one brand that won’t be going away soon.